Go Bananas

A fun little team game perfect for practising new knowledge or reviewing the old stuff!

Game Type: Numeracy, Literacy and Tuning In

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Two cut out bananas (files attached)

Where To Play: Anywhere

Duration: 10 minutes

Game Note

Go Bananas is the first game I ever invented. I played it first term with my first ever grade, an excellent little grade two class. The kids loved it though I expected it to be a disaster as many new teachers fear in their early career. I have always loved games but this small success gave me the confidence to experiment and try the other games you find in the Mr Funology library today. Basically what I’m saying is don’t be afraid to try new ideas if you think they’re great.

How To Play

Step One: Sort your students into two lines sitting on the floor.

Step Two: Give a banana to the first player on each team.

Step Three: Ask a question, for example, ‘what is six times eight?’ Only the students holding bananas can answer. The first student to hold up their banana may answer first. If their answer is incorrect, the other student gets a free shot. The first student to answer correctly passes the banana back to the student behind them.

Step Four: A team wins when their last player answers a question correctly, at which point that team can jump up and go bananas which basically means dance around like crazy things.

Print This Game!

Printable Cut Out Banana


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