A hilarious and challenging whole class game that your students will just love!

Game Type: Physical Education, Study Break

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Loops of elastic (one per pair of students) Tip: A 50cm piece of elastic tied to make a loop is ample for each pair of students

Where To Play: Anywhere

Duration: 10-15 minutes


How To Play

Step One: Sort your students into two lines facing each other. The lines should be about arms length apart to form a corridor. Give each pair of students facing each other a piece of elastic to loop between themselves. Encourage the pairs to place their elastic band at different heights such as around their shoulders, waists or ankles, horizontally or diagonally. Tip: The teacher can join in to make up a pair if you have odd numbers.

Step Two: Now choose one student to stand at one end of the corridor. Their task is to weave and climb through the elastic bands without touching them. If they make it through without touching any elastic bands they win the round. If they touch an elastic band they must swap places with another student who now attempts to make it through the corridor. If any of the students holding the elastic bands moves, the person climbing through the bands gets five seconds of free movement where they can touch the elastics without penalty.


Thank you to Evan Terry-Whyte for teaching me this brilliant game!

Print This Game!



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