Chicks And Hen

Will the hen be able to find all her lost chicks?! Here is a great little game to give your students a break from the serious business of learning!

Game Type: Study Break Game

Recommended Ages: 6 and up

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Indoors or outdoors

Duration: 5-10 minutes


For the hen to find her lost chicks.

How To Play

Step One: Choose one student to be the hen. Ask them to step out of the room for a moment.

Step Two: Ask all the remaining students to stay in their seats and put their heads down on the desk. Next, walk around and tap three students on the shoulder. They are the chicks.

Step Three: Ask the hen to come back into the room. The hen’s job is now to find her lost chicks. Each time the hen says ‘cluck’, the chicks must say ‘cheep’. The hen must move around the room and use her expert hearing to find all her chicks. Each time she thinks she has found one of her chicks, she must tap them on the shoulder. The suspected chick must then reveal whether they are a chick or not.

Step Four: Chicks And Hen continues until the hen has found all her little lost chicks.

Step Five: Choose a new hen and play again!

Download This Game!


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