Quad Soccer

A version of soccer with four teams that is great for getting more students involved in the game!

Game Type: Physical Education

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: One or two soccer balls, coloured sashes or bibs, eight cones

Where To Play: Playground, ideally a playing field

Duration: 10 to 45 minutes

Game Roles

Players: Players can touch the ball with any part of their body except their hands.

Goal keepers: Each team must choose one goal keeper. This player may touch the ball with their hands as well as any other part of their body HINT: Rotate this role regularly to give all students an opportunity to practise this position.

How To Play

Step One: Set up four goals using the cones and choose your boundaries for the game.

Step Two: Sort students into four teams, each team should wear a different coloured sash HINT: One team can wear no sash and identify as ‘uniforms’ or ‘no sashes’.

Step Three: Designate a goal for each team to defend, all players start the game next to their goal.

Step Four: Randomly kick the soccer ball onto the field to commence the game. A goal can be scored in any opposing goal. Do not play offside HINT: I do not keep score in school games but rather praise players who put in a big effort.

Step Five: If a goal is scored, the ball goes to the teacher to randomly kick somewhere on the field and restart the game.

Step Six: If the ball goes out of play, the nearest player stands and throws the ball over their head back into play, similar to Australian Rules Football.


Freeze: Use the word ‘freeze’ to make certain students stand still. The word ‘unfreeze’ releases those players. For example, ‘boys freeze’, ‘girls freeze’, ‘grade threes freeze’, ‘grade fours freeze’. This variation allows less able students a greater chance to participate.

Two Balls: Add a second soccer ball to give more players an opportunity to participate.

Dual: In this variation, each team can only score a goal in the goal opposite their own.

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