The Deadly Shaker

Someone in the room has a deadly handshake. Can the doctor cure them in time to save the class!

Game Type: Study break

Recommended Ages: 8+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Classroom or playground

Duration: 5 minutes

Game Roles

The Doctor: This character can save the world from the terrible disease, Shakeitis. They have three guesses to name The Deadly Shaker.

The Deadly Shaker: This character carries a terrible disease called Shakeitis. Whenever they shake hands with someone, that person contracts the disease. They have a unique handshake where they tickle the palm of the other person with their middle finger as they shake.

The Shakers: All other players shake hands with each other. Once they have shaken hands with The Deadly Shaker, they continue to shake three more hands. Upon shaking the third hand, they fall to the floor in a deep sleep.

How To Play

Step One: Sit in a circle.

Step Two: Choose one student to leave the room. They are The Doctor.

Step Three: All remaining students close their eyes.

Step Four: Silently, tap one student on the shoulder. They are The Deadly Shaker.

Step Five: Ask The Doctor to return and play begins.

Step Six: Students silently walk around and shake hands in the normal fashion. Encourage them to make eye contact and shake hands with many different people.

Step Seven: Game ends when either The Doctor correctly names The Deadly Shaker or only three Shakers remain standing.


Thank you to Cameron Frost for introducing me to The Deadly Shaker!

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