Heads Shoulders Waists

A fun version of tag with no winners or losers

Game Type: Physical Education

Recommended Ages: 8+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Sashes

Where To Play: Playground

Duration: 20 minutes

Game Roles

Heads: Wear their sash around their head like a headband. They chase Shoulders.

Shoulders: Wear their sash diagonally across their chest. They chase Waists.

Waists: Wear their sash around their waist like a belt. They chase Heads.

How To Play

Step One: Each group (Heads, Shoulders, Waists) chases one of the other groups and is in turn chased by another group. Once a player tags another player, they stop and the tagged player changes to the chaser’s team. For example, if a Waists player tags a Heads player, the Heads player changes to Waists. Both players can not be tagged while the tagged player is changing their sash. Once the tagged player has changed their sash, they both have five seconds to run. There is no fox guarding.

Step Two: Sort students into three groups; Heads, Shoulders, Waists. Students go and put on a sash according to their team and spread out around the school to wait for the whistle to start the game. The colour of the sash chosen does not affect the game.


Teacher: Teachers can get involved but be prepared to do some running because it seems there are few things students love more than catching a teacher!

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