Sock Wrestling

A hilarious and frightfully silly game that kids just love to play!

Game Type: Physical Education and Study Break Game

Recommended Ages: 8 and up

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Two socks and gym mats (ideally four)

Where To Play: Indoors or outdoors

Duration: 5-10 minutes


To be the last remaining player to have a sock on your foot.

Set Up

Lay out four gym mats to form a large rectangle. This is the game space.

How To Play

Step One: Choose two players to start the game. Each player puts one sock on, they may choose which foot Tip: Big, baggy socks work best that are not pulled all the way onto the foot. The game starts with one player kneeling at either end of the game space (the gym mats). The audience may sit around the game space but must remain at least one metre back from the edge of the mats to avoid impeding the players. Cheering is strongly encouraged.

Step Two: On ‘Go’, the players may move around the mats. The aim is to pull the sock off their opponent’s foot. Players can not attempt to pull their socks back on if their opponent has a grip of their sock. Players can not push, shove or in any way physically interfere with their opponent, their aim must only be the sock. The only thing that matters is the sock.

Step Three: If any part of a player touches the floor outside the game space, they must concede defeat.

Step Four: Allow one minute per contest. If there is no winner within the time limit, declare a draw and choose two new players. Encourage your students to think about how they can position their bodes to make it as difficult as possible for their opponent to grasp their sock.


Thank you to the students of St Werburgh’s Primary School for reminding me just how much fun it is to play Sock Wrestling!

Download This Game!


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