Pass The Bomb

An easy and super quick game for practising whatever needs some practising!

Game Type: Revision Game

Recommended Ages: 6 and up

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Paper (one piece of scrap paper per person will do) and a pencil

Where To Play: Indoors or outdoors

Duration: 5-10 minutes


To NOT be holding the ‘bomb’ when the game stops.

Set Up

Sort your students into pairs. Each pair sits together, opposite is just perfect. Each student takes a piece of paper (A4 torn in half is fine) and a pencil. On the back of one piece of paper only, your students need to draw a bomb. Draw an example of the classic black sphere with a fuse sticking out for inspiration for younger children.

How To Play

Step One: Instruct your students what aspect of the curriculum you would like them to revise. Personally, I find that Pass The Bomb is perfect for revising number facts and number patterns. On ‘Go’, each student writes a revision problem on their piece of paper and passes it to their partner. In turn, they must answer the problem they are passed, write a new problem and pass it back to their partner.

Step Two: Play continues until you say ‘Stop’. At this point, the students turn over any paper they have. If they have the one with the bomb drawn on it, they must stand up and dramatically say ‘KABOOM’. Obviously, speed is of the essence when playing Pass The Bomb as it is possible for one player to have both pieces of paper. Hint: This would be a terrific opportunity to bridge into probability with younger students.

Step Three: I usually play at least three rounds with each round lasting approximately one minute, and yes the name of the game is derived from the popular card game, not everything can be completely original now can it?!


Thank you to the students of St Werburgh’s Primary School for game testing Pass The Bomb with such enthusiasm!

Download This Game!


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