Noughts And Crosses Race

A sensational physical education game based on the classic game of noughts and crosses!

Game Type: Physical Education

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Bean bags (five per team), chalk (for drawing the grid) and cones (one per team)

Where To Play: Outdoors or indoors

Duration: 10 minutes


The objective of Noughts And Crosses Race is to get either three noughts or three crosses in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally!

How To Play

Step One: If you are outside, draw the noughts and crosses grid on the ground. If you are inside, you can use masking tape that peels away easily from lino, tiles or carpet.

Step Two: Divide your class into two groups. Ask them to make two lines about 20 metres from the grid. Tip: Use cones to mark the front of the lines. Place the pile of bean bags in front of the first person in each group. Make sure each group has different coloured bean bags.

Step Three: On ‘go’, the first person from each team runs and places a bean bag in one of the grid spaces and runs back to tag the next person in their team before joining the back of the line. The next person can either run and take another bean bag to add to the grid or run and take away one of the other teams bean bags and return it to the front of their line.

Step Four: The first team to get three in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally wins.


Mega Noughts And Crosses: In this variation, expand the grid to 5×5 and add two teams. Now that’s MEGA!


Thank you to Cult Of Pedagogy for this truly outstanding physical education game!

Download This Game!


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