Copy Cat

The perfect get to know you game for the new school year!

Game Type: Tuning In, Drama

Recommended Ages: 6 and up

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Indoors or outdoors

Duration: 10 minutes


One student performs an action and the rest of the group must copy them … with hilarious consequences!

How To Play

Step One: Your students stand in a circle. Choose one student to start the game of Copy Cat.

Step Two: The first student performs an action. For example, hopping on one foot or making a funny face. Tip: A great way to get the game going is for the teacher to perform the first action!

Step Three: The rest of the students then copy their action.

Step Four: The student standing next to them now performs a new action and the rest of the group copies.

Step Five: The game continues until each student has performed an action.

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3 thoughts on “Copy Cat

  1. I love the artwork in this. Are you the artist or do you know the artist or where it is from. I’d like to know if it is licensed for reuse or for sake in any way. Specifically to make t-shirts for our parents who volunteer in the copy room for the elementary school. Our group is called “the Copycats”.


    1. Hi there, my apologies for the late reply. Thanks for visiting Mr Funology. I found the artwork for the Copy Cat game from a Google Images licensed for reuse search in fact. Unfortunately I don’t recall the exact site as I posted the game some time ago but you could try the same search, I’m sure I used the term Copy Cat. If you’re struggling I can try and send you the jpeg.

      Cheers and have fun with your Copycat crew, what a fun name you’ve chosen!

      Mr Funology


  2. Oh gracious! My question was full of typos. My name should be BBrantley and the question about the copycat artwork should actually have a question mark. Yikes!


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