A great hide and seek physical education game your students will just love!

Game Type: Physical Education

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Outdoors

Duration: 15 minutes


The objective of Sardines is to not be the last sardine in the tin!

How To Play

Step One: Identify the boundaries of the game and choose one student to be the first sardine. Ask all the other students to close their eyes and count to 30. The sardine goes and hides.

Step Two: Play begins when the students finish counting to 30. All the other players must go and find the sardine. When they find them they must hide quietly in the hiding spot (also known as ‘the tin’) and they become a sardine too.

Step Three: The last player to find the other sardines is the first sardine in the next game.

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