Carrot Vs Rabbit

A fun tag game to inject some light relief into a busy study session!

Game Type: Study Break

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Bunny Ears Template and Carrot Template (files attached), scissors and stapler (teacher only)

Where To Play: Outdoor

Duration: 10 minutes


Carrots: There are five Carrots. The Carrots’ job is to run and hide somewhere in the school and survive ten minutes without being tagged.

Rabbits: The remaining students are Rabbits. The Rabbits’ job is to tag the Carrot.

How To Play

Step One: Print Carrot and Rabbit Ear Templates for your class. Cut out the templates, the Rabbit Ear Template will require some very basic construction. Ask your students to do this for you HINT: Print on thick paper and encourage students to be gentle with them so you can reuse them next time!

Step Two: Choose which students will play Carrots and Rabbits. The Carrots hold a carrot and the Rabbits wear rabbit ears.

Step Three: Give the Carrots sixty seconds to run and hide HINT: I use the whole school but you may wish to choose more specific game boundaries.

Step Four: After waiting sixty seconds, the Rabbits must run and find the Carrots. If they tag a Carrot, the Carrot gives the Rabbit their carrot and the Rabbit returns to you with their prize. The Rabbit may continue chasing other Carrots once they have returned the carrot. The captured Carrot returns to you and waits.

Step Five: Game ends after ten minutes or once all the Carrots have been tagged.

Step Six: The Rabbits who caught the Carrots play Carrots next time.


Carrots Transform: In this version, once a Carrot has been captured they may return to you and put on rabbit ears to become a Rabbit and join the hunt for the remaining Carrots.


Thank you to Tim Sproal for inspiring this game with his hair-brained schemes!

Print This Game!

Rabbit Ears Template

Carrot Template


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