A fun team-based revision game that will hone your students’ skills and develop sweet basketball shooting skills at the same time!

Game Type: Revision

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Rubbish bin and scrap paper

Where To Play: Indoor

Duration: 10 minutes

How To Play

Step One: Place a rubbish bin at the front of your classroom and scrunch up a piece of paper (this is the trashketball).

Step Two: Divide the class into two teams and give them names. HINT: To do this I usually just draw an imaginary line down the middle of the room and students remain in their seats, that way there’s no time wasted with students moving around. As I have the four cardinal points on my classroom walls I usually use them for team names e.g. Team North and Team South, but you may like to choose something a little more fun.

Step Three: Write both teams’ names on the board, this will be your scoreboard. Now choose two students to stand up.

Step Four: Ask the students your question, the first to raise their hand may answer first. If that students answers incorrectly, the other student has an opportunity to answer the question. If that student also answers incorrectly then both players are back in.

Step Five: For each correct answer, that student’s team gets one point. In addition, a correct answer earns a trashketball shot. The student who answered correctly may try and throw the trashketball into the rubbish bin. If they get it in, their team gets an extra point. A distance of three or four metres is usually a challenging enough distance to throw from.

Step Six: The first team to get ten points wins.


Cumulative Total: Keep a cumulative record of both team scores over time.

Poaching: To even out teams, the team that loses may choose one player to ‘poach’ to their team for the next game.

Suggested Revision Topics For Trashketball

– Numeracy – Number facts

– Literacy – Spelling


Thank you to a lovely chap on the internet whose name I don’t recall for teaching me Trashketball!

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