Shadow Chase

A super physical education warm up game your students will luuurve!

Game Type: Study Break

Recommended Ages: 5 and up

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Outdoors

Duration: 5 minutes

How To Play

Step One: Sort your students into pairs.

Step Two: On ‘Go’, each pair must chase each other’s shadow and try to stomp on it. Encourage your students to duck and weave to outmaneuver their partner.

Step Three: Students can count how many times they stomp on each other’s shadows but this isn’t really necessary as I find it tends to lead to disagreements and takes away from the fun. One thing is for sure though, at the end of Shadow Chase your students will be well and truly warmed up!


Thank you to Braidwood Primary School who taught me this game on my very first placement as a student teacher.



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