Wacky Whispers

A great variation on the old classic Chinese Whispers!

Game Type: Study Break and Literacy

Recommended Ages: 8+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Indoor or outdoor

Duration: 5-10 minutes


The objective of Wacky Whispers is to change a sentence word by word until you have an entirely new, and hopefully hilarious, sentence.

How To Play

Step One: Students sit in a circle.

Step Two: Think of a sentence, ideally with lots of adjectives, articles and adverbs as they are the easiest words to substitute.

Step Three: Whisper the sentence in the ear of the student to your left.

Step Four: That student must now whisper the sentence in the ear of the student to their left. HOWEVER, they must change one word first. For example, if you whisper the sentence, ‘The lazy sloth slowly ate the smelly banana’, the next student might whisper, ‘The lazy sloth slowly ate the purple banana’.

Step Five: Continue until the sentence is passed back to you and say the sentence aloud for all to enjoy.


Get Specific: The Get Specific variation is a great way to challenge the literacy skills of upper primary students. Before each student passes the sentence on, specify exactly what type of word you would like them to substitute. For example, you might say ‘you must swap an adjective’.

Print This Game!




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