A super maths puzzle game that will take your students’ numeracy skills to the new level!

Game Type: Numeracy

Recommended Ages: 8+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Pencil, KenKen puzzles (Playable free online or printable)

Where To Play: Indoor

Duration: 10 minutes


Special Teachers Note

KenKen are a numeracy puzzle from Japan a little bit like Sudoku. KenKen puzzles are perfect for early finishers during your numeracy sessions. They are easy to learn and come in a range of levels to cater for all abilities.

How To Play

Step One: The goal is to fill in the whole grid with numbers, making sure no number is repeated in any row or column.

Step Two: In this 3×3 puzzle, use the numbers 1-3. By contrast, in a 4×4 puzzle, use the numbers 1-4.

Step Three: The areas with bold outlines are called ‘cages’.

Step Four: The top left corner of each ‘cage’ contains a ‘target number’ and an operation. The numbers you enter into a cage must combine (in any order) to produce the target number using that maths operation (+, -, x, ÷).

Step Five: KenKen are available to play free online or printable at



Credits: Thank you to the team at and Tetsuya Miyamoto for creating this sensational numeracy game!

Print This Game!


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