A terrific study break game that will keep your students’ minds humming!

Game Type: Study Break

Recommended Ages: 8+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Cards with numbers (Get them from your maths cupboard or just write up your own) and one card with the word ‘President’ on it

Where To Play: Indoor

Duration: 15-30 minutes

How To Play

Step One: Sit in a circle on cushions or the floor. Choose the President or remember who held the position in previous game. Cards are placed before each person, preferably oriented inward to centre of circle so everyone else can see the number clearly. In order clockwise, there will be a President, then 1, 2, 3, etc until everyone has a card.
Step Two: The aim of the game is to become the President or as close to the Presidential office as you can and maintain your position despite the increasing pressures.
Step Three: The President may begin the game at any time, once everybody is seated. It is important to know that the President will not have to wait for silence. To kick off, the President says ‘President, four’ (or the number of any other player in the game). The player named needs to respond with their number, followed by the number of somebody else in the game, e.g., ‘four, seven’. Seven responds in turn, etc, as players continue to ‘pass’ to others around the circle. Players must respond in a reasonable amount of time, which is to be determined by the teacher running the game. 2-3 seconds works well initially, but class will build up speed to the point that keeping to a beat may be possible.
Players will be penalised if any of three mistakes happen:
  1. They are named and are not responsive in time or at all
  2. They respond incorrectly. For example, the President says ‘President, four’ and the player at 4 responds: ‘three, four’ (putting their number 2nd), or just responding ‘three’ (forgetting their number).
  3. They are named and respond by ‘bouncing back’ to the player who named them. For example, the President says ‘President, four’. The player at 4 responds: ‘four, President’.
These mistakes require the player to change spots to the highest number. The gap left at their old number is filled by everyone who occupied spots with higher numbers than them. For example, a player at 4 has made a mistake. They stand and walk to the highest number, which happens to be 17. Players who were at numbers 5-17 move one spot clockwise, so they now occupy a spot with number 1 less than their previous number. If the President is ousted like this, all players move clockwise towards the Presidential office. The President may continue gameplay by initiating the next round as soon as every player has taken their new seat.
– Remember your new position as quickly as you can.
– Target people closer to the Presidential suite than you are (people with lower numbers or President themselves)
– Target people talking or zoning out when you initiate the new round as the President


Thank you to Cameron Frost for this excellent game and great rules explanation!

Print This Game!


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