A brilliant warm up game for any physical education lesson!

Game Type: Physical Education

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Outdoors 

Duration: 5-10 minutes

How To Play

Step One: Ask your students to line up in two groups HINT: I group the students by age group or gender to give each group an identity.

Step Two: Designate the game course HINT: The outside of a basketball court is perfect and you can make the course more complicated using the internal lines on the court as your students become more familiar with the game.

Step Three: On go, the first student in each line runs along the game course until they meet the student running for the other team. When they meet, the two students play ‘rock, paper, scissors’. The student who loses sits down and the next student on their team starts running. The student who wins keeps running until they meet the next opposition student and they play ‘rock, paper, scissors.

Step Four: If a student reaches the other end of the game course where the opposition team is lined up, they score a point for their team. HINT: Place a cone or some kind of marker about three metres in front of each line of students and indicate that this is the finish line where students must reach in order to score a point for their team. This will avoid a traffic jam toward the end of the game course.

Step Five: Students who are sitting down can be freed by one of their own team members tagging them as they run by.


Crazy Octopus: In the Crazy Octopus variation, students must run with their arms waving in the air like a crazy octopus. Alternative variations in a similar vain are aeroplane, a baby sucking its thumb and side steps.

Long Time Sitting: Students who are sitting down close to the end of the game course awaiting help may return to their teams after two minutes.

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