Fox And Rabbit

A great warm up game that will truly test reaction speeds!

Game Type: Physical Education

Recommended Ages: 6+

Number Of Players: Whole class

Equipment Required: Nil

Where To Play: Playground or large indoor space

Duration: 5-10 minutes

How To Play

Step One: Line up your students in two groups parallel to each other and about one metre apart. Indicate a point approximately twenty metres either side of the students where they must get to into order to be safe HINT: Cones or even jumpers are fine for marking these ‘safe zones’.

Step Two: Tell one group they will be ‘foxes’ and the other group that they will be ‘rabbits’.

Step Three: If you say ‘foxes’, the foxes must chase the rabbits and tag them before they get to their safe zone. Likewise, if you say ‘rabbits’, the rabbits must chase the foxes and tag them before they get to their safe zone.

Step Four: Anyone who is tagged sits out until the next round.


Transformation: Instead of sitting out the round, students who are tagged join the other group.


Thank you to David Twite for teaching me this classic game one school camp long ago!

Print This Game!


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